FPC Membrane Switch

Electrical switches that turn circuits on and off, membrane switches enable communication capabilities for many different types of technology products, equipment and systems. These interface utilities can be simple tactile switches that control lighting, touch-screen panels, plastic keyboards or toggle switches.

With membrane keypads, functionality is critical – they must meet your specs, and they must function accurately. From simple switches to complex membrane keypad architecture for instrumentation panels and industrial keypads, NFI Corp has the experience and expertise to bring your project to life.



FPC membrane switch ,The full name of flexible printed circuit board film switch is a film switch that prints conductive lines on a flexible substrate. This kind of switch has the advantages of thin, flexible, durable, environmental protection, etc., and is widely used in consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, televisions, audio, medical devices, automotive electronics, drones and other fields.

membrane switch layers include:

  • Graphic overlay- 0.15/0.20mm
  • Overlay adhesive-0.1/0.2mm
  • Top circuit layer-0.1mm
  • Circuit spacer-0.1/0.2mm
  • Lower circuit layer-0.1mm
  • Rear adhesive layer-3M 467 468
  • Rigid support layer-Custom demand
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