Polycarbonate Overlay

Polycarbonate graphic overlays are commonly used as control panels, panel overlays, equipment panels, business machines, appliances, instrument panels, keypads, and OEM equipment panels.  Polycarbonate overlays are seen in everyday applications.

  • Durable silkscreen polycarbonate graphic overlays
  • Die cut as design shape, no tooling charge
  • 3M die-cut adhesive
  • Cut out or transparent clear window sections graphic overlays as design


Polycarbonate graphic overlays provides both a protective surface and a communication platform to create a user-friendly, purposeful and well-designed customer interface for branding and functionality.

Polycarbonate graphic overlays are suitable for the solution that requires lots of cut-outs or embossed raised areas, or graphic overlays with many buttons, or graphic overlay with LEDs or windows.

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