Printed Overlays

Printed overlays is a high-sheen, visually striking surface layer applied primarily on electronic and control devices. It features a reflective, shiny finish that enhances color vibrancy and graphic clarity.

This overlay type is known for its aesthetic appeal, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the equipment. While offering a sleek look, it is also durable, resistant to scratches, and can withstand various environmental conditions. Glossy overlays are customizable, allowing for vibrant, high-definition printing of logos, icons, and text, making them ideal for brand representation and user-friendly interfaces.



Product name Printed overlays
Material PC(Polycarbonate), PET(Polyester)  etc
Thickness 0.175~01.0mm
Finish Glossy, matte, brushed
Printing Silkscreen printing,UV printing, digital printing
Adhesive 3M467,3M468,3M9080 ,3M9448A ,ect
Design Options * Embossing
* Circuit encoding
* Hard coat finishes
* Tactile response
* Filter windows
* Backlighting
* Panel interconnections
* Subpanels
* Elastomer keypads
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